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Telecom EasyCard

Telecom EasyCard

When your phone is transformed into an EasyCard, you can use it to pay for public transportation or small transactions with great ease. You can also link up your local citizen and campus cards to make your phone even more versatile.


Special Features
The Telecom EasyCard is a service product jointly issued by Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan. If you have an NFC compatible Android smartphone, you can go to any of their service points to ask for a SIM card with EasyCard function, and start using your phone for touch payments. 

This service is available to anyone with an NFC compatible Android smartphone.

EasyCard application processes of the respective telecom providers:
  Recommended Models:
As the exact position of the NFC antenna varies from phone to phone, we recommend you verify the design of your phone on its official website. Alternatively, if there is an NFC icon on the back of your phone, that will be the optimal sensor area.
Telecom EasyCards are just like ordinary EasyCards, and can be topped up by cash at the same locations as general EasyCards, including service points across Taipei Metro, Taoyuan Metro, TRA, the four major convenience store chains, Px Mart, and Wellcome Supermarkets.

Check the position of your NFC antenna before you start. Then, all you have to do is touch it lightly on the EasyCard logo area, and your transaction will be completed immediately. 

  1. You do not need to activate the app to use your Telecoms EasyCard. All you have to do is place your phone on the sensor to complete the transaction.
  2. Before using your Telecom EasyCard, please note the remaining balance on the app. You should top up your card before using it if the credit is insufficient.
  3. Telecom EasyCards are equivalent to registered EasyCards. To report a loss, you should contact our customer service at once on 412-8880 (add prefix 02 if you are calling from Kinmen or Matzu areas) to cancel the service. All damages that occur within three hours of the loss are borne by the cardholder. For details please visit our website and go to customer services – loss report at