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Privacy Statement of EasyCard Corporation
The following personal data and privacy protection policies statement apply to the collection, usage and protection of personal data involved in any purchased Company’s products, the services provided by the Company, or any domain name within the Company’s domain name (
Personal Data Protection
When you use the Company’s name-based service, customer service mailbox, application for related services or other interactive functions, the Company will only retain your name, ID number, nationality, date of birth, address, email, telephone number, location information or other relevant information based on the legal and specific reasonable purpose. In addition, the Company’s website will retain records automatically generated by the server when you browse or search on the website, including but not limited to your IP address, the period of time you stay on this website, browser information and click-through records of the connected device. Other websites that are linked by the Company’s website are not managed by the Company. When you conduct activities on these pages, the collection, usage, protection of personal data applies to the privacy policies of each website.
Personal Data Protection, Storage, and Storage Method
1. The Company will ensure the correctness of personal data and update it as necessary. The collected personal data will be kept in accordance with the law or under a legitimate and specific reasonable purpose. 
2. For the collection and preservation of your personal data by the Company through this website, unless otherwise required by applicable law you may: (1) inquire or request to access your personal data. (2) Request for a copy of your personal data. (3) Request to supplement or correct your personal data. (4) Request to stop collecting, using or processing your personal data; or (5) request to delete your personal data. You may file the above application with the Company at any time, the Company will determine whether or not to accept your application in accordance with “Personal Information Protection Act of the R.O.C.” and related laws and regulations. 
3. The Company will only transmit personal data internationally if it is indeed adequately protected.
The Use of Cookie Technology
A Cookie is a short piece of information that the server writes to the user’s hard drive via a browser in order to distinguish the user’s different preferences. Users can modify the acceptance of cookies in the browser settings, if you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some personalized services or participate in some activities. 
When you visit our website, the information which generated automatically by the server such as the IP address of the user’s connected device, device information, the period of time spent on the website, the browser used, browsing and clicking records, will only be used and processed within the necessary scope of the specific purpose of statistical analysis of the overall behavior of all users of the company’s website, and will not be analyzed by individual users.
Sharing Personal Data to the Third Party
The personal data collected by the company shall be carried out within the scope of business provided by the Company or under the rules to share personal data among the affiliates, and shall not be used beyond the specific purpose of collection, unless otherwise stipulated by laws. The personal data collected by the Company will not be used in conjunction with others and will not be used without you have been informed and consented.
Personal Data Security and Protection
The website uses a comprehensive technology to protect your personal data. Please remember to properly store your account password, and remember to log out of your account after using the services provided on this website. When using a public computer, please remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your information or emails.
The Company will properly protect your information and avoid lose or unauthorized use, destruction, modification, reprocessing or disclosure. If it is not necessary, it will be disposed.
Children’s Privacy
In the case of children using the services of the Company, in addition to the protection of children’s privacy rights in accordance with the preceding paragraph, if the children or the children’s family members’ information is collected, used, and disclosed to a third party, the consent of the children’s parent or guardian will be obtained in accordance with the law. 
Amendment of this Statement
To meet social and environmental changes, business required, technology development, and revisal of laws, this statement may be amended and announced from time to time. Please visit this Privacy Statement page at any time in order to protect your rights and interest.
Last revised date 28/3/2019
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