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Samsung Pay EasyCard

Samsung Pay EasyCard

Samsung Pay EasyCards are jointly issued by the EasyCard Corporation and Samsung Electronics Taiwan. Whether you are paying for public transport or small transactions, all you need to do is touch the sensor with your phone, without unlocking the screen nor the phone. This service is available for both General and Student EasyCards. You can also top up with credit cards or purchase All Pass tickets online, with the full convenience of secure top-up and payments.
Compatible models: S22 Ultra、S22+、S22、S21 Ultra、S21+、S21、S21FE、S20 Ultra、S20+、S20、S20 FE、S10+、S10、S10e、S9+、S9、S8+、S8、Note20、Note20 Ultra、Note10+、Note10、Note10 Lite、Note9、Note8、A80、A71(5G)、A70、A60、A53、A52(5G)、A51(5G)、A8s、Galaxy Z Flip(5G)、Galaxy Z Flip2、Galaxy Z Flip3、Galaxy Z Fold2、Galaxy Z Fold3.


Product Features
Samsung Pay EasyCard is a service product jointly created by the EasyCard Corporation and Samsung Electronics Taiwan. It supports all the same functions as normal EasyCards, but you will never have to search for your card in a hurry again. 
Enjoy an unlimited experience paying for shopping, transport, top-ups, and checking your balance and transactions all with the simplicity of your mobile phone!

One Quick Bleep for Everything
Samsung Pay supports all normal EasyCard functions without the need of unlocking the screen or activating the app. All you need to do is place the phone near the EasyCard sensor, and the transaction will be completed, turning your phone into a mobile EasyCard!

Easy Online Top-up
You can top up your EasyCard or purchase an All Pass ticket all within a simple app. With fingerprint recognition, all it takes is one touch.

Wide Selection of Card Options
In addition to Adult EasyCards, this service also supports student EasyCards. If you are eligible, you can enjoy the same benefits as with a conventional student EasyCard, once you have successfully registered. The whole process can be completed on your mobile phone, carefree and easy!

Eligible Users
Everyone can use the adult EasyCard functions , while student EasyCards are available to anyone over the age of 12 and actively enrolled as a student at any educational organisation recognised by the Ministry of Education.

Credit Card Top-Up

 Top-up method: Samsung Pay EasyCards can be topped up directly through the bundled credit card.
 Top-up amount: Credit card top-ups start with a minimum of NT$500, to a maximum of NT$10000. 
 Issuing Banks: Participating banks currently include Cathay United Bank, CTBC Bank, E.Sun Commercial Bank, Taishin International Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, and Union Bank of Taiwan.

All Pass Tickets
With Samsung Pay, you can purchase All Pass Tickets directly through the Samsung Pay app.

Extension of All Pass Tickets

Cardholders may extend their All Pass Tickets in the Samsung Pay app within ten days of the expiry date.

Transaction Records
Cardholders can search their transaction records in the Samsung Pay app. Search options include real time and historical transactions. I.e. you can look up your most recent top-ups, your six most recent deductions, as well as historical transactions over the past 7, 30, or 90 days.

Backup and Restoration  
Please back up your  data before transferring the card to a new phone. Once this is done, your data can be restored on the other phone. 

Deletionand Refund
Samsung Pay EasyCards cannot be refunded over the counter. If you wish to obtain a refund for your remaining EasyCard balance, you can do so by going to the “delete and refund ”section in the Samsung Pay app. The refund will be made to the original payment source, prioritising credit cards. The last top-up will be refunded first

Example 1
BeBe downloaded a Samsung Pay EasyCard on 10 January. 
On 20 January, he topped it up for $800 with credit card A. 
On 23 January, he topped it up again for $500 with credit card B. 
On 28 January he requested deletion and refund of his card. On that day, his balance was $800. Given the $20 handling fee, Bebe is eligible for a refund of $780. 
Bebes refund looks like this: 
First he receives a $500 refund to credit card B. 
Then he receives a $280 refund to credit card A. 

There is no remaining credit to be refunded to the bank account stated in the refund application. 

Example 2
BeBe downloaded a Samsung Pay EasyCard on 15 January. 
On 20 January, he added NT$1000 with credit card A. 
On 25 January, he added NT$100 by cash. 
On 28 January, he added NT$500 with credit card B. 
On 01 February, he bought an All Pass ticket. 
On 05 February, he applied for delete and refund, while his card showed a remaining balance of NT$120. 
He had used the All Pass ticket for five days, hence he could get a NT$580 refund according to the regulations, minus NT$20 handling fee. Therefore, BeBe will receive a total refund of NT$680. 
This refund will be issues as follows: 
NT$500 will be refunded onto credit card B. 
NT$180 will be refunded onto credit card A. 
No remaining credit to refund to the registered account. 
Q1: Do I need to pay to download the Samsung Pay EasyCard? 
A: No, there is no cost in downloading the Samsung Pay EasyCard.

Q2: Will the Samsung Pay EasyCard function normally if my phone runs out of battery? 
A: Generally speaking, even if your phone is switched off or out of battery, it will still hold enough surplus energy to operate the Samsung Pay EasyCard. However, if the phone has been out of use for a long period of time, and the battery is completely flat, it is possible that the card might not function.

Q3: How do I set up the NFC function for my Samsung Pay EasyCard? 
A: 1. On your phone, select “settings”. 
2. Click “connect”.
3. Click “NFC and payments”(“NFC and sharing” in some models). 
4. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner to set the NFC method. 
5. Select “embedded security element”. 

Q4: Do Samsung Pay Student EasyCards enjoy the same 20-day discount?
A: No. Samsung Pay Student EasyCards do not enjoy student discounts until they have gone through assessment, and will be charged as Adult EasyCards until then.

Q5: Can I really use my Samsung Pay EasyCard to travel on the Metro and on the bus?
A: Yes. Just imagine your phone as an EasyCard.
You can use Samsung Pay EasyCard on: the Taipei Metro, Taipei and New Taipei City buses, Taipei and New Taipei City YouBikes, and the Danhai LRT.
(Only specific Co-Branded  EasyCards are accepted on the HSR, the Samsung Pay EasyCard has not yet been introduced.)
For further questions please see: Samsung Pay EasyCard FAQs.