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Applicable to the general public on public transport priced at adult fare

Adult Registered Cash topped up
The general public
These standard fare cards cost NT$100 each, exclusive of a deposit and balance.
Four major convenience stores (7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart), information centers at Taipei/Taoyuan/Kaohsiung Metro stations, and the EasyCard Corporation Customer Service Center

The issuing date and related application rules of the cards produced from cooperative programs with government agencies and schools are subject to the formal proclamation by county/city governments and schools.
  1. Users should pay attention to the balance displayed on the screen. If not enough, please refill the card first before use.
  2. The EasyCard can be topped up repeatedly, with the maximum amount you can add to the card being $10,000. If having no intention to continue to use it, users can get the balance back by terminating the contract and suspending the card.
  3. The EasyCard is guaranteed against failure for a year from the date of purchase. Please top up the card prior to use. During the warranty period, if the card itself has defects or faults, it can be returned and exchanged for free.
  4. If the holder does not register the card that can be registered, the card is considered an unregistered EasyCard. If the card is missing or stolen, the balance is regarded as lost. No compensation or report of the loss and stop payment will be provided. Customers should keep and use the card properly.