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What is EasyCard?

What is EasyCard?



Metros Metros

Cardholders are required to pass the card over the EasyCard sensor area on fare gates both entering and exiting the MRT stations, with fares deducted from the card.
According to Article 11 of the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation Passenger Transport Rules, the system will automatically deduct NT$20 from the card if users on the Taipei Metro take more than 15 minutes going in and out of the same station or take more than 2 hours entering and exiting the different station. Other requirements are subject to relevant service providers.

Buses Buses

Fares can be deducted from the card when the cardholder swipes the card over the EasyCard sensor area on the reader.


Parking Parking

When entering or leaving parking lots, users of the card should pass the card over the EasyCard sensor area on the ticket checking machine as instructed by voice prompts. If needing a receipt, please press the receipt button on the machine when leaving.

Designated retailers Designated retailers
Designated retailers

Fees can be deducted from the card when the cardholder passes the card over the EasyCard sensor area on the reader.

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  • Pass the card over the EasyCard sensor area without waving it.
  • People holding cards other than the Adult card should produce relevant documentation. Users of the Student cards on the Taipei and New Taipei City Joint Bus Systems should have relevant identity documents with them for inspection. Those who have no documentation are required to make up the difference by inserting coins. Those who fail to produce the proof or make up the difference and are identified as an impersonator may pay a default penalty, 50 times the amount of an adult ticket, or their Student cards are to be confiscated.
  • Users should pay attention to the balance displayed on the screen. If not enough, please add value first before use. If having no intention to continue to use it, users can get the balance back by terminating the contract and suspending the card. 
  • EasyCards can be used for purchases of up to NT$1,500 at designated retailers once, up to a maximum of NT$3,000 per day. However, this limit does not apply to payment of government fees, public service charges, miscellaneous school expenses, medical costs, transport services (including the Maokong Gondola or public bikes), and parking fees, or to the transactions in line with the government policy and with the nature of public interest approved by the competent authority.
  • When the cardholders complete the deduction, they should request the transaction document from the designated retailers (except for public transport or parking lots) to confirm the correctness of the transaction amount.
  • The cardholder should keep the transaction documents (e.g., the original of the order form of deferred goods or services, original invoices, or other certificates sufficient to verify transaction facts) and the original purchase card when purchasing deferred goods or services using the EasyCard at the designated retailers. In the event of any consumption dispute arising from not receiving the goods or services, and no compensation received from the retailer, the EasyCard Corporation is responsible for refunding their money after the cardholders provide the transaction certificate and the original purchase card, which are verified by the corporation.
  • If the user’s card is suspended when they use it to pay distance-based fares on a public transport service, the handling procedures for reactivating the card should comply with the regulations of the transport operators.


  1. The card should avoid exposure to high temperature, bend, wear or cutting damage.
  2. Please do not swipe multiple cards over the EasyCard sensor area at the same time to avoid poor reaction or repeated deductions.
  3. Please do not place the cards near the metal products.
  4. If users swipe the card too swiftly or far away from a card reader, please wait for a moment and pass it over again.
  5. If you pass the chip EasyCard in the bag, please note that its thickness should not exceed 5cm, and you should let the bag gently touch the sensor area.