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Account Link

Account Link Bank account + EasyCard + Autoload

When your EasyCard is linked to your bank account (with autoload activated), it will automatically reload NT$500 or multiples thereof from the connected account when the balance on the card is insufficient for payment or less than NT$100, without any handling fee.


Special clauses for the autoload service and the linked EasyCard

When the balance on a linked EasyCard (with autoload activated) is insufficient for the current transaction or less than NT$100, it will be automatically recharged through the equipment for NT$500 or multiples thereof, without any handling fees. The number of autoloads available per day is determined by the providing financial institution.

Application Requirements(It is effective from 2019/01/01)
Linkable Accounts The account holder must hold a valid savings account with the financial institution to apply for EasyCard account linking.
Applicants and Relationships Applying EasyCard must be registered under the name of the cardholder.
Scope of Linkage All registered Adult, Student, Discount, Elderly, Charity, Charity Companion, and Citizen cards authorized by local governments, may apply to be linked to bank accounts for autoloading.
However, Deposit, Cobranded, and Debit EasyCard are not eligible for account linkage.
Applying for Registration If the EasyCard to be linked can be registered but is not yet registered, the financial institution will, with the consent of the account holder, forward their personal information (including but not exclusive to card number, name, ID number, DOB, telephone number, mobile phone number, email, nationality, and address) to the EasyCard company for registration purposes.
Others 1. The maximum number of cards can be linked to an account is 30 EasyCards.
2. Each EasyCard may only be linked to one savings account.

Application Procedures
Step One-
EasyCard Registration
Register your Adult, Student, Discount, Commemorative, or Special Design EasyCard on the official EasyCard website.
The account holder may take the card to any application window provided by the financial institution (bank counter/ internet banking/ ATM) to link and register the card at the same time.
*Telecom, Elderly, Charity, and Charity Companion Cards are already registered, and do not need to register them again.
Step Two-
Apply for Account Linkage
The account holder shall bring their ID and the EasyCard to be registered to a registration window provided by the financial institution (bank counter/internet banking/ATM).
Step Three-
Activate Linked Card
Once the linkage application has been completed, the cardholder may take the EasyCard to a FamiPort at any FamilyMart or an add value machine at any Taipei Metro station, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the linkage activation. Once this step has been completed, the EasyCard will start autoloading when used for transactions.

Facilities and Usage Regulations for EasyCard Linked to Bank Accounts

Types Regulations Autoload Amount Notes
Taipei Metro
Period Passes for Public
The card tops up automatically when the remaining balance is insufficient for the current transaction. NT$500 or multiples thereof.  Periodical tickets can be set up on the automatic add value machines at any Taipei Metro station or be purchased at any information counter.
Purchase regulation are as promulgated by the Taipei Metro.
EasyCard Add Value Machines
FamilyMart Famiport
Autoload is automatically executed when the remaining balance is less than NT$100 NT$500  
Small Amount Transactions
Administrative Fees, Hospitals
Autoload is automatically executed when the remaining balance is insufficient for the current transaction. NT$500 or multiples thereof.   

Please note:

Linked EasyCard cannot be topped up on unconnected devices in the Taipei Metro, Maokong Gondola, TRA, or parking lots. In these events, the card must be topped up manually with cash or autoloaded at the add value machines before they can be used for transactions.
Autoload is unavailable under the following circumstances,
  1.The EasyCard is not linked to a bank account.
  2.The EasyCard is linked to a bank account, but the linked EasyCard has not been activated.
  3.The EasyCard has expired.
  4.The EasyCard has been deactivated.
  5.Blacklisted EasyCards will be locked immediately when detected by the equipment.
In the event that the remaining balance plus the autoload amount is still insufficient for the current transaction, the autoload will not be carried through and transaction will be rejected.
  Linked EasyCard is not accepted on the Taiwan High Speed Rail.
  Autoload Limits
  1. When the account holder and the EasyCard holder are the same person.
  (1) At the EasyCard: Maximum autoload is NT3000 per transaction and NT$3000 per day.
  (2) At the bank account: Autoload amounts are limited to the actual funds available in the user's linked account.
  2. When the account holder and the EasyCard holder are not the same person,
  (1) At the EasyCard: Maximum autoload amount is NT$3000 per transaction and NT$3000 per day.
  (2) At the bank account: Each account may provide a maximum autoload of NT$30000 per month for another person. The account holder may negotiate a lower limit with the providing bank.


  Activate Autoload

  How to use FamiPort to activate autoload in FamilyMart




 How to use Add Value Machines to activate autoload



How to autoload on FamiPort
How to autoload on an Add Value Machine(AVM)

FamiPort in FamilyMart



Add Value Machine

Start Using Your Card
If the cardholders wish to use the autoloading function, they must first complete an application with their financial institutions, and activate the autoload function on the designated equipment.

Top-up Methods and Limits
The EasyCard can be topped up and used repeatedly. Please see the regulations published by the EasyCard Corporation for maximum top-up value (currently set at NT$10,000). The cardholder may top up the card through the following methods,
Autoload:When used for transactions or on other compatible devices and the remaining balance is insufficient or under NT$100, EasyCards with activated autoloading function will top up automatically from the linked account at NT$500 increments. Top-up frequencies and maximum values are regulated by relevant legislations, the EasyCard Corporation, and the providing financial institutions. Autoloading does not require any handling fees. 

Reporting a Lost Card
In the event that a linked EasyCard becomes lost, stolen, or in other ways dispossessed, the cardholder should notify the EasyCard Corporation immediately for cancellation and annul the autoload function. All costs and infringements occurred within the first three hours of card loss are borne by the cardholder; costs and infringements occurred after the three-hour threshold are borne by the EasyCard Corporation. Cancellations and refund procedures are identical to current EasyCard practices. The cardholder may also request a refund of the remaining balance to be returned to the linked account when reporting the card as lost.

Unlinking an EasyCard
If the cardholder wishes to unlink their EasyCard from their bank account, the account holder must apply with the providing financial institution to do so, and follow the institution’s procedures. Once unlinked, the EasyCard will retain its original functions, but it will no longer autoload.

Cancellations and Refunds
If the cardholder no longer wishes to use the linked EasyCard, they can request a refund of the remaining balance with the EasyCard Corporation. Cancellation and refund procedures are identical to a registered EasyCard.